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Sell to EU countries without taking a risk

The European Cookie Law requires all websites and online shops to get consent from their visitors to store cookies. The Cookie Lawyer app will do exactly that for you. It will automatically display a cookie notice to all visitors from EU countries to make your shop cookie law compliant.

There have already been cases where store owners got fined for not notifying their European customers that cookies are being stored. Don't risk it, hire our experienced Cookie Lawyer today.

Fully customisable design

Cookie Lawyer will seamlessly integrate with your store's design, ensuring that this app will completely blend in with your company's unique look and feel.

Advanced users and Shopify theme designers can customise Cookie Lawyer without any limitations.

Appmate templates can be edited via the familiar Liquid template markup.

Easy semantics and an extensive documentation will make your job a walk in the park.

Fair pricing for everyone...

We believe everyone should be able to power their Shopify online store with our Apps. That's why we offer more affordable pricing for smaller shops, as less traffic also means less resources used on our servers.

For our high volume customers we provide super fast, scalable servers to ensure the best possible user experience without any interruptions or delays. Maximum responsiveness guaranteed!

Pricing Details...

  • Shopify Affiliate (Dev Stores) - $0.00/mo
  • Basic Shopify - $3.00/mo
  • Shopify - $7.00/mo
  • Advanced Shopify - $11.00/mo
  • Shopify Plus - $19.00/mo

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It's free for 14 days!